Stezzano Camper Stop, Bergamo, Italy

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With an ever increasing number of trips to Bergamo Airport needed to pick up and drop off friends, the Stezzano Camper Stop came into play as a stop over close to the airport. The Stezzano Camper Stop is close to the motorway too, so this is a good transit stop.

Information about this camper stop and thousands of others are available in the Camperstop guide – read our review here!

Stezzano Camper Stop

This camper stop is in a car park, with little thought for motorhomes…

This area di camper isn’t really a camper stop – it is a car park with a tap and drain. Consequently, there are no long “pitches” and no specific camper parking area. However, we arrived fairly late in the evening so nothing was lost.

Stezzano Area Camper

….but there is free fresh water and a drain.

The following morning, after providing an airport transfer, I had a wonder around. Across the road from the sosta is a well tended and cared for cemetery, with many tributes to World War One. This is a lovely peaceful location and is worthy of a visit.

Stezzano Stellplatz

The cemetery is adjacent

There is very little information about Stezzano but this site may be translated with Google or similar.

Stezzano camper stop

With no space at the camper stop due to cars, the camper parked in the car park!

Stezzano Camper Stop – location

Stezzano camper stop

The location of the camper stop.

The yellow square shows the location of the sosta. The red marking shows where the Kon-tiki was parked! Stezanno makes a decent stop off if heading to Venice or along the northern Italian motorway.

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