This is Motorhome Voyager’s site map – a map showing all the camperstops and campsites we have stayed at in recent years. The map is updated everytime the Voyager checks into a new destination!

If you are planning a trip, have a look at the map below. Maybe your route passes on of our tried and tested stopovers? Alternatively, click the “search” box and search for a location.

This camperstop at San Feliciano, Lake Trasimeno, Italy is typical of many, offering a grey and black water dump.

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The blue motorhome icons are camperstops, often called aires in France, sostas in Italy or stellplatz in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These are usually free or low priced. Generally speaking, they are for motorhomes only, although one or two, such as Orvieto in Italy and Charmes in France, allow caravans. The sosta at Orvieto allows caravans all year round whilst at Charmes motorhome aire, caravans are permitted in the winter when the campsite in the town is closed. Our review includes photographs, our star rating and also comments and star ratings from Motorhome Voyager’s readers.

The dark red campsite logo refers to a campsite where we have stayed. Again, there are photo’s, our star rating and comments and ratings from our readers.

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