Coach motorhome conversion – inside our Scania Irizar

Our Scania Irizar coach motorhome conversion is the largest motorhome that we have owned. Coming in at twelve metres long – around forty feet – she is around twelve feet longer than the previous Kontiki tag axle. Here, we talk about the present layout and future plans for modification.

Coach motorhome conversion

The floor plan for our coach motorhome conversion. Floor plan with courtesy of Vans for Bands Ltd.

Entering through the nearside front door – the passenger side – we have the principal passenger seat. Historically, this would be referred to as the second man’s seat, tour manger’s seat or my favourite, the jump seat. Alongside, is the driver’s seat. Unusually, this coach has an opening driver’s door. This is in addition to the manual opening passenger, nearside door. Noteworthy of a mention again –  the manual door. Consequently, the problem of a power door losing it’s air when camping is a distant memory.

Coach motorhome conversion
Bus motorhome conversion
Coach motorhome conversion
Converted bus motorhome

Up a step and we enter the main body of the Irizar. Looking towards the back of the coach, to the right we have a six feet long leather sofa, whilst opposite are two pairs of coach seats set around a table. All seats are a grey, leather trim. Adjacent to the sofa, our kitchen area houses a built in microwave and cupboards a plenty. Hot water is available both on the move and when stationary. The water is hot enough to make a brew.

We also have the usual accessories  – kettle, toaster and filter coffee maker. It is possible to use these appliances whilst the coach is on the move as the engine power generates electricity via the onboard 6000 watt inverter. Opposite the kitchen, a large fridge. Two TV’s connect to an in motion satellite system and also allow access to the in house movies – over two hundred on hard drive!

Coach motorhome conversion
Coach motorhome conversion
Motorhome coach conversion

Moving towards the rear, to the left and down several steps, the toilet/washroom. There is no shower at present. The largest space in the bus is taken up by the bunks. We have ten single berths on board. Eight are typical bunks, whilst two are “condo” bunks. To the rear, a play station, hard drive with hundreds of movies, large 32 inch TV, u-shape lounge and the “emergency door”. A centre coffee table completes the set up. Certainly, this is home from home!

Coach motorhome conversion – why purchase a sleeper coach?

Sleeper coaches – also known as band buses or nightliners – are a great base for a coach motorhome conversion. Unlike a traditional touring coach, sleeper buses usually have only a few seats but numerous beds. Furthermore, the donkey work of “doing the electrics” is not an issue. This task has been done by the previous operator. We have 24v lighting throughout the bus – note 24v.  Additionally, there are numerous 230v mains sockets. A typical CEE blue hook up connection is present. The 6000 watt inverters allow for use of batteries to provide mains power when stationary, and of course, whilst in motion. Remember, these nightliners transport bands, artists and theatre groups – plus supporting crew – from venue to venue. As a result, comfort both on the move and when camping is a guarantee.

Our coach motorhome conversion – the future

Our plan is simple – use the Irizar for a few trips “as is” and take it from there. At present, we do not have an oven, there is no shower and too many beds. First of all, we will fit an oven and hob. Meanwhile, the microwave and a portable outdoor  stove will do. The next job is to remove some bunks and add a walk in wet room plus numerous wardrobes. It is likely that three bunks will leave us! Finally, we will tweak the internal lighting.

There is further information about our Irizar here – this post details more about the bodywork and chassis.

One essential modification is the addition of this wine chiller.


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