Swiss motorway tolls – larger vehicles

Swiss motorway tolls for motorhomes over 3500 kg.
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Swiss motorway tolls are actually known as a tax in Switzerland. By and large, the Swiss use the weight of the vehicle to determine the toll category. If you are travelling with a car, motorcycle, trailer, caravan or a motorhome weighing less than 3500 kg, please read our article about Swiss motorway vignettes by clicking here

It is possible to pre purchase the “Swiss motorway vignettes” (stickers) for cars, caravans and motorhomes under 3500 kg. However, drivers of vehicles above this weight must complete a paper document. This is a three part form. Consequently, it is not available on line.

Swiss motorway tolls – paperwork for vehicles over 3500 kg

Swiss motorway tolls

Drivers of motorhomes over 3500 kg will need to complete a form like this one to pay for their Swiss motorway tolls

I receive many emails and queries about the documentation required for larger motorhomes. By popular demand, you will see an example (above) of the document and how to complete it. These carbon set forms are available at the Swiss border points.  The paper document is in French, German and Italian. There is only a small amount of information in English. It is not, as far as I am aware, possible to obtain these documents anywhere other than in Switzerland.

To the top row, centre, enter your vehicle registration number. To the right, you need to add the registration plate for any trailer you are towing. (In the UK, the trailer bears the same registration number as the towing vehicle. Many European countries have registration systems in place for trailers. Therefore the document has space for a second registration number.)

Swiss motorway tolls – coaches and other non goods vehicles

Below this is the area where you complete the type of vehicle – such as bus, motorhome over 3500 kg etc and choose which Swiss motorway toll (known as a tax) payment you require. Within this section, the left hand column shows the type of vehicle, so bus at the top, then large motorhome and so on. The column to the right of the picture symbols relates to the weight of the vehicle. The third column from the left shows the price per DAY. The fourth column from the left shows the price per MONTH. The fifth column from the left shows the ANNUAL tariff. Finally, the far right column shows the tariff for “ten single days” within a twelve month period. This is particularly useful for the motorhomer.

Swiss motorway tolls – the costs

Note, the price per day for a motorhome over 3500 kg is 3.25 swiss francs per day. However, a minimum charge of twenty-five Swiss Francs applies. Consequently, for those planning a return trip, it is better value to complete the column to the far right. This give you ten days worth of travel within a twelve month period.

The blue shaded area is where the dates are completed for each day you travel in Switzerland and also each day the vehicle remains in Switzerland. There are ten spaces and these are completed when purchasing the “10 single days” option.

Moving now to the bottom left, your name, address, the date you complete the form and your signature. The area to the bottom right will is for use by official staff when purchasing the document.

Swiss motorway tolls – good value for money!

I think that for 32.50 Swiss Francs, allowing ten days worth of use in a twelve month period, is excellent value for money.  The Swiss motorway tolls system is easy and convenient  – no stopping at toll booths etc. Swiss efficiency as usual!

Voyager understands that one box/date section on the paper form is to be completed for each day you are in Switzerland, even if  you are not on the road. So for example, arrive in Switzerland on Monday, stay on a campsite until Thursday. You must complete one box fore ach day, so four boxes in total. An email from the relevant department in Switzerland advises as follows


For a motorhome with a weight of over 3.5 tonnes you have to pay a heavy vehicle charge (in form of a lump sum). You can find the details in following fact sheet: (click here)

Calculation examples (form 15.91): 4 days (each day spent in Switzerland, even if the vehicle is only parked and not driven) = CHF 13.–, at least CHF 25.–. 10 single days = CHF 32.50 (Monday – Thursday = four boxes). Payable directly at a manned customs office when entering Switzerland (common credit cards are accepted).









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