Duty free shopping in Samnaun

Samnaun us a high altitude alpine village in Switzerland. Access to the town is via a single road with several hair pin bends. Remember though that delivery lorries, fuel tankers and the like use this road. We did not find the road from the Austria border to Samnaun to be too challenging when compared to “our other Alpine Routes” such as the Fluela Pass.

Duty free shopping in Samnaun

A rather lifeless town with no atmosphere

It is fair to say that we were “off route” in Samnaun. It was a case of try it and see if we like it. We didn’t. The town felt lifeless and soul-less. Of course, this is the closed season. The winter sport period ended on the 30th April and the summer time activites of walking and cycling have not begun.

However, we do like the duty free shopping prices in Samnaun. These are similar to the Italian duty free town of Livigno. As you can imagine, there are many shops selling expensive Swiss watches!

Typical prices:

200 Benson and Hedges – forty Swiss Francs

Litre of UK high street branded spirits – about ten francs per litre.

Diesel – about one Swiss Franc per litre. Needless to say, we took on eighty litres at these prices. There’s more information about duty free shopping in Samnaun via this link

Diesel price Samnaun

Low cost diesel is an attractive “attraction!”

Duty free shopping in Samnaun or Livigno?

Our preference is Livigno – the town is more lively, even in the quieter periods and also has good restaurants and campsites. Samnaun has one overnight “aire” and that’s about it. This is silly money to use, so we shopped and left!

otor home parking Samnaun

Motorhome parking in Samnaun is quite limited. The manager of the duty free shop offered us their car park.

We are unlikely to make a special journey to Samnaun, but of course, if passing close by, then it is worth a visit to “stock up”. Speaking of stocking up, note that non EU duty free allowances apply.

There is one camperstop in Samnaun, but like most things Swiss, it is expensive. However, approximately ten miles away is Camping via Claudiasee.

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