Pompeii sightseeing – the ruins and stray dogs!

Pompeii sightseeing
  • A journey back in time
  • Pricing and value for money
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If you’re in southern Italy, don’t miss this!

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From our base at Camping Spartacus, it is only a very short walk to the historical ruins. Pompeii is famous the words over, following the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. (Click here for details of our visit to the volcano, using public transport.) The entrance fee for a day of Pompeii sightseeing is presently eleven euro per person. We decided to walk around independently rather than partaking in a guided tour. There were plenty of guided tours taking place and so it was possible to over hear what was being said from time to time.


During our day of Pompeii sightseeing , the weather was kind and the sun shone brightly. See Vesuvius in the background casting an eye over what was going on in the ancient town below.


Pompei motorhome

Pompeii sightseeing

Pompeii sightseeing – a public bath. How we wish it was full of water today!

Pompei ruins visit motorhome

Historical public toilets!


The amphitheatre Pompei

The amphitheatre



I have visited Pompeii a couple of times in the past, but I cannot recall seeing dogs wandering around the site! It turned out that the dogs are a welcome visitor to Pompeii and during our tour, we did see a number of dog kennels. It was also possible to adopt a Pompeii dog!

Pompei motorhome caravan

“Stray” dogs amongst the ruins

After a long hot day Pompeii sightseeing, wearing only flip-flops on my feet, I noted that my feet were as black as the volcanic dust. Consequently, I resorted to a bucket of hot water, a lot of salt and some bubble bath to sooth the aches and pains away!

Pompeii sightseeing- our tips

Our tip is to start out early in the day before the sun gets too hot. Take a supply of cold drinks with you as facilities are very limited. Be aware of “ticket sellers”. You simply buy your ticket at the kiosk at the ruins. There is no requirement to purchase tickets from any other source.


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