Preparing for a long motorhome trip

Over the last few days, we have been preparing for a long motorhome trip. The Kontiki is loaded for the long journey ahead. However, we are not sure of the destination, nor are we exactly sure how long we will be away. At this stage though, it is looking like a trip of three to four months, somewhere sunny

In true “Brits abroad” style, we are carrying a lot of British branded groceries such as Typhoo tea, Cadbury’s drinking chocolate and what looks to be enough smokey bacon to feed a small army!

The Kontiki has a maximum authorised mass of 5000 kilograms. This means that the motorhome, when fully loaded with passengers, the driver, personal belonging, gas cylinders, foodstuffs, diesel in the fuel tank etc must not exceed more than 5000kg in total weight. We have decided that once underway tomorrow, we will call at a weighbridge to check that we are within the weight limit for the motorhome.

In addition to loading the ‘van with goodies, it is also necessary to ensure your motorhome is “legal” for the trip. Ensure the tax is in date, check your insurance for the number of days away and ensure your vehicle is services. Is your MOT in date?

Preparing for a long motorhome trip – accessories

Ring European travel kit

The contents of the Ring European travel kit

Check that you have all the relevant equipment on board when visiting other countries. See the AA website for details of legal requirement of what items you must carry. This will include items such as a red warning triangle, a spare bulb kit or a first aid kit.

You may also need to order some extra motorhome accessories. For example, a continental hook up adaptor may be required or a reverse polarity checker. The blue links will direct you to our articles about these.

Generally speaking, if you are legal and safe, anything forgotten can easily be acquired. Get your paperwork right!

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