Autoglass windscreen fitted – at last

Oh dear. A trip on the M54 ended with that dreaded “crack”. A stone hit the windscreen and left a large chip. The chip is too large to repair. As a very rough guide, anything larger than a two-pound coin is not repairable. Prior to work commencing, I took photo’s of the area surrounding the windscreen to prove there was no other damage etc. A call first to my insurer… Then a second call to Autoglass. This is where the confusion starts. Autoglass were insisting that I need the specialist glazing division. This part of the Autoglass business usually deals with coaches! No! It’s a van I keep saying. In the end, and after numerous calls, a windscreen – and fitter – arrive.

Autoglass windscreen fitted

The older screen was removed before the new Autoglass windscreen was fitted

Autoglass replacement – how it’s done

First job seemed to be to remove the bonnet, then the windscreen wipers followed by the scuttle.  Clearly motorhome windscreens are a more complex fit than cars. There are things like cab blinds to consider. At this rate, I would be left with just a steering wheel if more parts were removed! A piece of cheese wire (well not really cheese wire) was then slid behind the old screen and the cab frame and after a lot of energy the old screen was out.

The cab frame area was cleaned and so on and then the new Autoglass windscreen was fitted. From start to finish, the job took about sixty minutes.



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