Condor Liberation – day trip to Guernsey

Day trip to Guernsey
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The Condor Liberation is the latest addition to the Condor Ferries fleet, sailing between Poole and the Channel Islands. This 102 metre long trimaran is Austal’s yard number 270 and is therefore from the same developer and manufacturer as Irish Ferries’ “Jonathan Swift”.

The day trip from Poole to Guernsey was booked with Tesco as a Clubcard deal – a £10 Tesco voucher covers the cost of one adult day return ticket.

It was an early start from our base at the Camping and Caravanning Club’s (beautiful) Moreton site, and a short train journey to Poole. We arrived at the ferry terminal just after 8 o’clock and the passenger terminal was quite busy. After checking in, we had literally just sat down and were then called through for boarding. Boarding the Condor Liberation at Poole is a via a bus transfer from the terminal building to the fast craft. We were on board at 08:20 but sadly, as the Barfleur had left her berth a few minutes early heading for Cherbourg, we were unable to snatch any photo’s

First job was to spread the picnic blanket on the sun deck and get settled. The vessel looked well loaded and at a guess, five “bendy-bus” loads of foot passengers were brought aboard, plus cars and vans. Note the motorhome reversing on!

Condor Liberation

Motorhome reversing on to the Condor Liberation

There are two outside decks on the Condor Liberation – a lower level one with a smoking area, and then upper deck, probably the largest sun deck I have ever seen on a high speed craft. The sun deck was initially full, but once the Condor Liberation was marching on at full speed, most people went indoors, leaving a few sun worshippers outside.

Inside, there are three “classes” of seating area, a self service coffee bar, a self service bistro – the food did smell and look good but we were loaded up with supplies. The duty free shopping area is larger than on the previous InCat’s operating on the route and we snapped up some bargain booze – £16 for two litres of spirits.

The motion of this trimaran, or is it really a monohul with two stabilisers – was gentle with no rolling or heavy rocking. The sea conditions were slight, and there was a bit of a breeze. Plenty of toilets and wash basins on board. Berthing appeared straight forward at both ends of the route.

The video below is just a few seconds and shows some high speed sea spray!

The childrens’ play area was well populated.

The Condor Liberation was a lot quieter inside than other fast craft I have travelled on. Her punctuality was spot on too, both directions.

The video below show the Condor Liberation leaving Guernsey, whilst moment later, Condor Rapide arrives. If you don’t fall asleep, it lasts about five minutes.

Some of you will be aware that rough sea crossings are a speciality, and for those requiring a memory jog of the fun and games on the Irish Sea, here is the Austal built Jonathan Swift in action, and also another rough ride aboard Stena’s HSS. Sadly, today’s voyage was a disappointment, with no rolling or rocking, but we will try again in winter! Finally, this link will take you to our trip on the Condor Vitesse

Here are many other photo’s from the day including the Condor Liberation

Condor Liberation

Just after 0800, and it’s already hot on the outer deck as vehicle loading gets underway.


Condor Liberation

Another bus load of foot passengers heading for Libby

Condor Liberation

A steady stream of cars coming on….

Condor Ferries motorhome

A Hymer motorhome reversing on…

Condor Liberation

Jet skiers riding “Libby’s” wash

Condor Liberation

Old Harry Rocks and the Pinnacles, Dorset.

Condor Liberation

The splendour of the Dorset coastline. Austal – fast craft!

Condor Liberation

A steady 40 mph or so on this sweltering summer’s morning!

Condor Liberation

Hold tight you silly bugger!

Condor Liberation

Approaching St Peter Port

Condor Liberation

Approaching the berth

Condor Liberation

Many remained on board for the onward service to Jersey

Condor Liberation

Our new friend Libby, in port.

Condor Liberation

Condor Liberation ready for her next working to Jersey – fast craft!

Condor Rapide

An old friend, Condor Rapide, InCat yard number 45, ex Speed One is seen here arriving at Guernsey.

Condor Rapide

Condor Rapide alongside at St Peter Port

Condor Rapide

Incat 045, fast craft!

Condor Rapide

Condor Rapide almost ready to depart Guernsey.


A sudden fog bank appeared….

Condor Rapide

“Rappers” hiding in the mist

Condor Ferries motorhome

Rappers leaving port

Condor ferries motorhome caravan jersey guernsey

Rappers heads into the mist on a blistering summer’s day

Container ship alongside at St Peter Port

Condor ferries motorhome caravan jersey guernsey

The St Peter Port pilot, assisting Dutch Pearl

Condor Liberation returning from Jersey to Guernsey

Condor Liberation returning from Jersey to Guernsey

Condor Liberation returning from Jersey to Guernsey

Condor Liberation returning from Jersey to Guernsey

Condor Liberation returning from Jersey to Guernsey

Libby within the port area at Guernsey

Condor Liberation's modified bridge

Condor Liberation’s modified bridge

Condor Liberation motorhome

Safely alongside at St Peter Port

Condor ferries motorhome caravan jersey guernsey

The tropics – like sun deck!

Condor Liberation outer deck space sun deck

At sea and at high speed, the sun deck was deserted!


The Pinnacles, Dorset.

Condor Liberation caravan

Old Harry Rocks, Dorset coastline

sandbanks chain ferry motorhome caravan

Sandbanks chain ferry

Condor Ferry day trips

Approaching Poole

Last year, we enjoyed a day trip Guernsey from Weymouth. Read about it here! In the autumn of 2015, we re-traced our steps once more. Twice more in face. Autumn trip one and autumn trip two can be read here!

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