Portable washing machine – a twin tub!

Portable washing machine
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The portable washer is one of our favourite accessories in the ‘van. Do you use a twin tub when travelling? Why not add a comment or click on the USER STAR rating and share your thoughts with others! We love to hear from you.

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Our portable washing machine has been a faithful friend and travelling companion for several years. It’s probably one of the few motorhome accessories that saves us money, rather than costing us money!

Camping twin tubs are available in various sizes. Over the years, we have tried a few different models.

The first portable washing machine that we owned had a two kilogram wash capacity. This allowed easy washing of garments such as a pair of jeans or a duvet cover. The spinner was a similar capacity. From memory, the washing tub took about twenty litres of hot water to fill it. This machine was compact in size, fairly lightweight at around seven kilograms, and did a decent job of laundry. Due to taking longer holidays, we sold the twin tub whilst in Spain a few years ago, as we had purchased a larger model. The caravan washing machine with a two kilogram wash capacity is hard to find though – our advice – if you see one, get it!

Portable washing machine

Our twin tub washing machine lives in the rear locker.

The present motorhome washing machine is a larger design. It washes 3.5kg of laundry and has a 2 kilogram spinner capacity. The wash tub will take a duvet cover and pillow cases in the same load or a couple of bath towels. To fill the tub requires about 25 litres of water. The machine is approximately sixty centimeters wide, fifty centimeters tall and forty centimeters deep. For a caravanner with an awning, or a motorhome with a large rear locker, this is probably the best choice of machine.

Finally, we were given a blue coloured portable washing machine. This featured a 1.5 kg wash capacity and it wasn’t really usable, other than for smalls, tee shirts and so on. A heavy bath towel caused the machine to shake and shudder. Consequently, we think that this smallest of machines is just that – too small. If you still have to use site laundries because the portable twin tub washing machine that you have is too small, is it really worth carrying one?

How to use the portable washing machine.

There are probably no hard and fast rules, but this is what we do.

  • Fill the wash tub with hot water – collected from the site shower block using our bucket!
  • Load the whites and detergent, set the machine going
  • When the wash cycle has ended, place the whites in the spinner
  • Spin the clothes, then place to one side
  • Place darks in the wash rub and then repeat the above
  • Drain the wash tub using the built in water discharge pipe
  • Fill the tub with cold water
  • Add the whites to the tub, rinse and then spin
  • Repeat with the darks

The decision to carry a portable washing machine is all about horses and courses. When away for extended periods, laundry bills can soon rack up. We tend to use the twin tub every second or third day to keep on top of the laundry. The washing machine is not only practical but it is often a great conversation starter, especially when overseas.

This website features a user guide for twin tubs.




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